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【Important Notice】Reopening of the System for Filling in English Name

【Important Notice, Reopening of the System】 The Academic & Student Affairs Information System has now been reopened for the students who had not provided their English names before April 30th. Please submit your English names as soon as possible by June 11th to receive the degree certificate. The system will not be reopened again for late […]

【Important Notification】Graduation Procedure in Spring Semester, 2023

Graduation Procedure in Spring Semester, 2023 【Period & Location】 Period Location From June 5th to September 8th 2023 (excluding holidays and Wed. in summer vacation) AM10:00~12:00、PM2:00~5:00 Xinyi campus, Registration Section, 4F, Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) 【Procedure】 Item Description 1 Meet Graduation Requirements l After the final grades for all courses in this semester is completed, it will […]

Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023

Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023 Click Link:Academic & Student Affairs Information System Path: Academic Affairs Information System→ Course Selection → Course Selection → Apply for course withdrawing Time & Period:Graduating course till 2023/4/21 Fri 17:00 Non-Graduating course till 2023/5/19 Fri 17:00 Method:Online 24 hours Notes: Students who cannot focus on their schoolwork due to personal […]

Graduation Defense (Degree Examination) Orientation- Spring Semester 2023

Registration Section will hold the orientation in both Chinese and English sessions. Information are as follows: Student Session in Chinese- 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Feb. 20th 2023 on Webex Online Meeting Room. Apply on: https://forms.gle/KNW25zyMx34tmkNp9 Student Session in English- 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Feb. 21st 2023 on Webex Online Meeting Room. Apply on: https://forms.gle/t15vKARAuyrFdE7LA   Note: From 9 am. Feb. 20th to 5 pm. Mar. […]

[Important Notice] Spring Semester 2023 Graduation Defense(Degree Examination) Application

According to the TMU Calendar of Spring Semester 2023, from 9 am. Feb. 20th to 5 pm. Mar. 17th 2023 is the period for graduate student to apply Graduation Defense (Degree Examination). Please apply through the Academic & Student Affairs Information System and click “Submit” button. Any applications submitted after deadline will not be accepted. The timetable of related procedures will be announced after […]