Teaching Goals and Distinction

There has been a growing concern about the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and the need of health promotion in the past decades. In addition, due to the financial crisis of the Taiwan National Health Insurance, the focus of health care industry has shifted from medical treatment to preventive medicine, which has brought forth a demand of public health specialists. Our programs educate students with global perspective on public health, and encourage originality and teamwork.

Teaching Goals

Undergraduate Program

  • Train public health professionals with abilities to implement work involving disease/injury prevention and health promotion
  • Understand the impacts of culture differences and social economic status (SES) on health
  • Develop health professionals in community health services and health education

Master Program

  • Equip graduates with specialized knowledge and skills in areas of public health and with abilities to implement related educational programs
  • Integrate and apply scientific knowledge and theories to public health practice
  • Able to work in teams and actively participate in domestic and international public health events

Doctoral Program

  • Conduct research in Epidemiology,Environmental Health or Community Health independently
  • Develop and enhance leadership and professional roles in international public health affairs
  • Function as supervisor/consultant roles in planning, implementing and evaluating health programs and academic research


  • Our faculty is full of enthusiasm in delivering optimal classroom interactions.
  • The School has one of the most comprehensive public health programs in private institutions in Taiwan.
  • We encourage students’participation in international public conferences and health affairs.
  • Our interdisciplinary research and teaching draw on the partnership with National Taiwan Normal University, Chung Yuan Christian University, National Taipei University, China Medical University, Kaohsiung Medical University, and National Taipei University of Technology, providing great course diversity and rich intellectual resources.
  • TMU is affiliated with TMU Hospital, Wan Fang Hospital, Shuang Ho Hospital, and collaborates with various hospitals (Cathay General Hospital,Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital, Tungs’ Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital, and Chi Mei Medical Center) that provide abundant opportunities for research funds and resources.

Under the Picture

What is Public Health? Public health is a multi-disciplinary filed, including prevention and control of emerging diseases (e.g., SARS, H1N1), food safety control, identification of susceptible populations, chronic disease prevention and health care services, development of environmental health, industrial hygiene and occupational medicine, consolidation and evaluation of national health insurance system, implementation of health promotion and educational programs, and promotion of elderly care and international health.

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