Introduction to TMU School of Public Health


Founded in 1989, TMU’s School of Public Health is one of the leading authorities in the field of public health research in Taiwan. The School has been a pioneer in the field, educating scientists and practitioners to work toward the improvement of health and quality of life through lifelong learning and teamwork. Master and doctoral degree programs have trained students since 1996 and 2001, respectively. To train qualified public health specialists in disease prevention and health promotion, the School offers concentrations in Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Community Health. During the years of 2002-2008, the School recruited master students with concentration in Health Communication. Since August 2010, the School has expanded its global outreach and has been enriched by many international students from various nations. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of public health education.

The School of Public Health is located on the 10th floor of the Biomedical Technology Building, while the faculty laboratories are situated on the 9th floor of the same building. The student laboratory is located on the 8th floor of the Teaching and Research Building, which is utilized jointly with the Medical Technology Department. Each full-time student in our department, including both master’s and doctoral students (including international students), as well as research assistants, is assigned a fixed seat, providing them with a designated space for self-study on campus. We offer international programs taught in English as well as interactive coursework, so both international and local students acquire cross-cultural knowledge and contextualized understanding of international public health issues. The School is dedicated to fostering diversity and striving for excellence.

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