1. Appointment of domestic and international public health related fields include health administration, hospital management, environmental health, industrial safety, biostatistics, epidemiology and other Shuo doctoral course.

2. Bachelor of Chinese and Western medicine.

Public Officials

“Health Administration”, “Health Technology”, “Environmental Inspection”, “Environmental Protection Administration”, “Environmental Protection Technology”, “Environmental Protection”, “Environmental Protection”, “Environmental Protection”, “Environmental Protection” “,” Industrial Safety “and other public officials.

School Staffs

Teachers or researchers in public health related fields such as Taiwan University, Success University, Yangming University, Taipei Medical University, Fu Jen University, Zhongshan Medical University, National Defense Medical University and other public and private schools.


Researchers in the areas of public health related to public and private units such as the Central Research Institute, the National Institutes of Health, the Industrial Technology Research Institute, the China Economic Research Institute, the Biotech Company, the Healthcare Food Company, and the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company.

International Organization Staffs

As an international non-governmental organization or international nonprofit organization staff member in the field of public health, such as the World Health Organization, the International Norwegian Road Plus Agency, the Malawi Youth Corps, the Catholic Society and the Social Welfare Foundation.

Statistical Analyst

As a statistical analyst of public and private medical institutions, biotechnology companies, health care food companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, life insurance companies and other units.

 Occupational Safety and Health Management Personnel

As the traditional industry or high-tech industries among the major companies of the industrial safety and health division, operational risk management division, environmental and food testing and analysis personnel.

Planning Staffs

As public and private medical institutions or major companies line number of administrative, planning, information management personnel.

Technician License

Industrial safety technician, industrial and mining health technician.

Technical License

Class A labor and hygiene management division, Class A labor safety management division, Class A air pollution control special staff, Class A wastewater treatment special staff, Class A waste treatment technician, Class B labor safety and health administrator .

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