[Important] TMU Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable Fall Semester 2023

Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable of Fall 2023

Refer to the attachment for Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable in Fall 2023, which is agreed upon by Academic Affairs Meeting on Sep. 19th 2023.

Remind that from 9 am. Sep. 18th to 5 pm. Oct. 13th 2023 is the period for graduate student to apply Graduation Defense (Degree Examination). Please apply on the Academic & Student Affairs Information System and click “Submit” button. Late applications (including unsent applications) will not be accepted.

Students must upload the evidence of finished graduation requirements on the same system under the “Requirements for Graduation” function. So that the administrative professor could review your graduation qualifications.


Find the system manual in this website.