[Important Notice] Spring Semester 2023 Graduation Defense(Degree Examination) Application

According to the TMU Calendar of Spring Semester 2023, from 9 am. Feb. 20th to 5 pm. Mar. 17th 2023 is the period for graduate student to apply Graduation Defense (Degree Examination). Please apply through the Academic & Student Affairs Information System and click “Submit” button. Any applications submitted after deadline will not be accepted. The timetable of related procedures will be announced after the Academic Affairs Conference on Mar. 15th 2023.


  1. Students who apply for the degree examinations must meet the requirement of “TMU Implementation Guidelines of Master and Ph.D. Degree Examination” Article II and “Notes for Course Selection and Registration” Article lll: students must complete required subjects, credits and “Research Ethics” course before applying for a degree examination. And must select “Thesis”/”Dissertation” course this semester.
  2. Before applying, please read the study regulation of respect department/program & information of graduation defense orientation. Student must prepare the evidence of completed requirements and upload the evidence on the system function of “Credit Progress” →”Requirements for Graduation(Student Form)”.
  3. Students shall upload the “Originality Report of Plagiarism Detection” according to the requirement of department/program and thesis advisor. Students must provide originality reports of plagiarism detection to committee members on the day of graduation defense. Students who did not provide the report cannot hold the defense. For the detection tool please use “Turnitin”.
  4. For further information of graduation defense, please visit Office of Academic Affairs websiteRegistration SectionGraduate Defense (If it shows in Chinese, please change the language into English on the upper right corner of website)

Instruction of Applying for Graduation Defense (Degree Examination)