【Speech Note】2023.09.27(W3)12:00-「Precise public health & technology application forum」(Speaker:Speaker: Prof. Chao-Ching Huang)

Dear All,

The College is going to invite Prof. Chao-Ching Huang of  Department of Pediatrics, NCKU to give a speech in the class ” Precise public health & technology application forum”.

Please find the information about the speech below:

  • Date & Time: Tuesday, September. 27, 2023, at 12:00-13:00
  • Topic:  To Occupy the Territory of Better Care in the NICU by Competitive Team, Database, Innovative Research,  and Smart Medicine
  • Speaker: Prof. Chao-Ching Huang ,  Department of Pediatrics, NCKU
  • Venue:i-Public Health, 10F Biomedical Technology Building, Shuangho Campu