【Important Notice】Reopening of the System for Filling in English Name

Important Notice, Reopening of the System

The Academic & Student Affairs Information System has now been reopened for the students who had not provided their English names before April 30th. Please submit your English names as soon as possible by June 11th to receive the degree certificate. The system will not be reopened again for late submissions.

1.Second Period: June 5th ~11th, 2023. Not open the system again overdue.

(1) Fill in English Name on Academic & Student Affairs Information System to be printed on diploma. Website : https://newacademic.tmu.edu.tw/ (Enrollment Status/ Student Information/ Name on Diploma)

(2) Those who do not fill in English Name within the deadline, or English Name does not meet the format, will not be prepared for the diploma. No revision shall be made after the certificate is issued.

2. The format

(1) Fill in according to your passport.

(2) Please enter the student name to be printed on the diploma in English with care. No revision shall be made after the certificate is issued.

3.Contact Information

(1) College of Medical, College of Oral Med & College of Biomedical Engineering: Miss Shih, ext.2110

(2) College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing & College of Medical Science and Technology: Miss Hsu, ext.2115

(3) College of Public Health & College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Miss Ma, ext.2113

(4) College of Management: Miss Huang, ext.2116

(5) College of Nutrition: Miss Chang, ext.2111