20180713(Sat)4 & 5 floor area cleaning waxing

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 您好,提醒您已安排於108/07/13(六)08:30~18:00 進行本樓層區域洗地

Hello, remind you have arranged for 2018/07/13(Sat.)08:30~18:00 of the floor area cleaning waxing.

一、 請於排定洗地日的前一日下班前務必配合將:1.務必將置地物品(包含座椅、紙箱等雜物)搬離地面2.地面插座用膠帶封住以利清潔施作

Please check as follows : 1. Keep floor empty 2.Fix the extension cord with tape.

二、 各單位如有自設門禁請於排定洗地日的前一天將鑰匙或門禁卡提供予事務組又溱(分機:2312)待清潔施作完成後再逕行取回謝謝若未主動提供恕無法進行清洗

Please provide key card to General Services Section (ext.2312) if there is accesscontrol. The maintenance will not be operated if the key card not be provided.

三、 洗地腊作業期間,地面濕滑不宜隨意走動,各樓層同仁應避免加班,並注意安全。

For your safety, please do not walk around during the maintenance.

四、 若臨時不進行洗地之空間請務必於門口張貼本室不字樣

Please be sure to have an notice with No floor waxing on your door if the place is not prepared to do waxing maintaince.

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